Suncreens and Louvres

Individual Designs in Form and Function

Every designer wants their building to stand out as something really special, and as a manufacturer, Acculine can rise to the challenge. So when you want to customise any of our Sunshades and Louvres to meet the demands of your design, you will ensure the perfect marriage between designers and clients, in both form and function.

For this reason, Acculine loves to be involved at the earliest concepts of your design. So if you cannot see what you want, challenge us to create if for you.

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Unlimited Options to Achieve the Impact you want.

  • Acoustic dampening
  • Automation
  • Booster fan
  • Colours
  • Cyclonic & Storm Strengthening
  • Design Function
  • Fall Arrest Fail-safe
  • Fire integrated management controls
  • Materials – colourbond, aluminium, steel, stainless steel, copper etc
  • Packaging
  • Penetration shape
  • Pest & Dust Proofing
  • Powder coat finishes
  • Power backups
  • Ridge or Sloped roof
  • Rotary or Stationary
  • Skylight features
  • Smoke and Fire applications
  • Staged delivery
  • Vibration isolation
  • Ventilation zoning
  • Weather & Specific Indicator Sensors