Acculine offers an extensive range of exterior solutions, with a selection of louvres, sunscreens and privacy screens. We love to help our clients get the best possible return on their investment, and our exterior range can elevate buildings from something merely functional to a stunning bespoke design that stands out. Our custom solutions form part of the complete package - from concept to completion - and we design, manufacture and install an extensive range of louvres and aluminium screens for homes and commercial buildings. Our green energy solutions are aesthetically pleasing and functional, returning massive cost and energy savings to our clients.

Exterior Products

Aluminium Screens

External shade is the most natural and cost-effective way to cool a room within a building, by reducing the building’s exposure to heat gain from the unrelenting bake of the sun. Natural light, shade and privacy can be predetermined at the design stage according to the gaps between blades, and the blade pitch. With operable sunscreens this can be controlled by adjusting the pitch of the blade, which can also be fully sensor automated to suit the weather, season and the time of day. Made from high quality aluminium, our architecturally designed sunscreens are stylish and functional additions to any building, offering eco-friendly sunlight control.


Do you want your building to have a unique look? Acculine is passionate about louvres, and will work hard to meet your design needs. With a wide range of blade shapes, configurations, tapers and mitres, fixing options and green outcomes, we can create the perfect look and function together. Acculine supplies a complete range of fixed and operable louvre systems to suit all building types and applications, with green benefits and energy savings that will return long term cost savings. Natural ventilation reduces the costly need for fans, and is a healthier and more environmentally friendly option than electrically powered equivalents.

Expansion Joints

Acculine offers a range of exterior wall covers, flexible seals and roof systems for all applications and joint sizes with multi-directional movement. Our expansion joint covers are suitable for exterior walls and roofs. Exterior wall seals are designed for vertical applications where weather protection is critical. They provide multi-directional movement and are available for joints up to 600mm wide. Our seismic exterior wall covers are virtually invisible on seismic applications, and are perfect for concealment in curtain wall finishes. The covers release from one side for full seismic movement and return to the closed position. Acculine roofing systems are designed for high movement and high wind loads, and our metal and bellows roofing systems expand and contract for multi-directional movement.

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