Bed Locators

Bed locators allow for quick positioning of beds while preventing damage to walls. Standard style bed locators and high impact headboards give you options when choosing the look of a room.

Bed locators protect the wall surface when bed position is not an issue, and have a recommended vertical length of 36"-60". This range is also available in G2 BioBlend material, a non-PVC cover manufactured with reformulated PETG made from a corn-based biopolymer.

For high impact protection with aesthetic appeal, headboard style locators mount directly to the wall with 3" and 6" standoff options. These offer above-average impact surface for ultimate wall protection, and are ideal for areas that withstand constant abuse from beds, IV stands and critical healthcare equipment.

Key Features

  • Material: Available in PVC (extremely durable & cost effective or G2 BioBlend (non-PVC option)
  • Colour Selection:            80 standard solid colours


  • Integral antimicrobial finish
  • Allow for quick positioning of beds
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • 25 year lifetime warranty on product


  • Hospital ward
  • Nursing home

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