Camberwell Anglican Girls School - Senior Campus 

Location: Camberwell Anglican Girls School - Senior Campus 
Builder: Contract Control Services 
Architect: Hayball Architects 
Product: Perforated metal screens

Renowned for excellence in education, the Camberwell Girls Grammar School has invested in state of the art buildings for their staff and students. Their new three storey building with classrooms, laboratory, locker and common rooms was the space they needed to accommodate growing numbers and specialised learning areas.

With a flair for creativity, Hayball Architects fashioned an architectural statement of excellence, perfect for inspiring its young occupants. With trims of a custom powder coat colour Uluru in the horizontal window screens, each window is shielded from the glare; giving the impression of standing to attention and the respect of a salute.

Vertical screens shield the elongated windows, cleverly shading the rooms while maintaining maximum light and minimising distractions for the students. Whether vertical, horizontal, cantilevered or suspended, screens on the façade of a building can be subtle or used for eye-catching “wow” factor. The screens can be made of almost any material, evenly perforated or with a pattern or written message.


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