CENTVM Apartments, Preston VIC

Project: CENTVM Apartments
Location: 86-106 Plenty Road, Preston VIC
Developer: Bensons Property Group
Builder: Hickory Developments and Unitised Building
Architect: BBP Architects
Products: Opal 100 sliding screens and pergola roof, Diamond DSG 403-60 carpark screens, gas room louvres and louvred doors

Current market trends demand green solutions to the heating and cooling of buildings, so Bensons Property Group contracted BBP Architects to implement some smart solutions. This cleverly designed, medium density residential development tackles these issues visually, efficiently and with style.

Privacy for occupants and aesthetic appeal are added bonuses. With a capacity of 2400mm spans, the Opal 100 series of louvres can have fixed or operable blades, with a 100mm wide elliptical blade; offering the flexibility to design visually complementary yet variable shade solutions for different aspects of your building.

Sporting a glossy blue tiled exterior with sliding screens on each balcony and fixed louvres over outdoor entertainment areas, this building has class. The designer louvres address summer and winter extremes; to reflect light and warmth inside in the depths of winter, and away in the height of summer. 

Acculine partnered with BBP Architects to incorporate their sliding screens, carpark screens, louvres and louvred doors in the CENTVM Apartments project.


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