Liverpool Public Hospital, NSW

Project: Liverpool Public Hospital, NSW
Builder: Lend Lease
Contractor: Homebrook Pty Ltd 
Products: Door panels, handrails, corner guards, wall protection, bed locators and door frame wraps

The scope for this project was broad, including door protection panels, very particular handrails, corner guards, wall protection, bed locators and door frame wraps - all over several colours - from the front door to the back. Other suppliers had lead times of 12-16 weeks, but we halved this wait time at no additional cost.

David Bishop of Homebrook Pty Ltd is a specialist contractor that installs building protection products in NSW. He needed a fair price for his products, meeting all the required standards and specification requirements. His tender had to be competitive, fast and achievable.

Acculine met all of David’s needs to cost-effectively supply and install on this project. We supplied in stages to make it manageable onsite, and to minimise issues with sorting stock. Everything was carefully packaged and labelled, and communication was a high priority, ensuring our partnership was fruitful.

Several years later - and with many more projects under our belts - this partnership remains strong. David can rely on Acculine, and we can rely on David. This was an excellent project for all partners, with no call backs, late deliveries, or faulty or damaged products. In short - no headaches.

Acculine partnered with Homebrook Pty Ltd to deliver door protection panels, handrails, corner guards, wall protection, bed locators, door frame wraps in the Liverpool Hospital project.


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