The Luxton Apartments, Prahran VIC

Project: The Luxton Apartments
Location: 18-30 Chaham Street, Prahran VIC
Architect: SJB Architects
Product: Ezi-Glide bi-fold system, Taunton sliding screens

Luxton Apartments are a breathtaking icon in the hub of Prahan, impressing hundreds of passers-by each day. With the Viameter Green facade adding a stark contrast to its neighbours, onlookers cannot resist but glance at this façade. 

The balconies feature Acculine’s bi-fold door system, with perforated mesh door panels. Filtering the morning sun through its perforation - whether open or closed - these offer a kaleidoscopic beauty. 

Unlike other bi-fold screen systems, our system comprises an ezi-glide offset bracket system that enables it to completely cover the facade when closed. No other system can seamlessly blend between different floor levels. 

Enhancing its bright neighbours, the nearby Zeuss White sliding and fixed screens and Taunton slat screens combine beauty with functional performance. The Zeuss Charcoal screens add modest tones down the centre of the building, their chunky appearance adding personality and brawn to the façade.

Acculine partnered with SJB Architects to incorporate its Ezi-Glide bi-fold system and Taunton sliding screens for the Luxton Apartments project.


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