Mt Scopus College, Burwood

Project: Mt Scopus College
Builder: Walton Constructions 
Architect: Hayball Pty Ltd 
Product: Opal 430 sunscreens

Every now and then a building design makes such an impact that you always refer back to it. For us, the design of Mt Scopus College (Gandel campus) by Hayball Architects is such a building.

With daring splashes of graduated colour, clever fins for shade and imposing modern lines, Hayball’s building design promises to inspire the students it accommodates, and will be remembered as the most iconic building on site.

Acculine’s Opal series of blades offers enormous scope for creative design, with its capacity to vary its fixed ellipsoid blade size and pitch, to screen and shade as required. With a capacity of 4000mm spans, the Opal 430 series changes the view of the building as you move around it, a clever optical illusion that appears to change to the colours and design. 

Given the blades can be installed vertically or horizontally, cantilevered or suspended, you are only limited by your own imagination, and have the freedom to create something truly special - like this Hayball architectural design.

Acculine partnered with Hayball Pty Ltd to incorporate its versatile Opal 430 sunscreens for the iconic development at Mt Scopus College, Burwood.


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