Screening is practical, versatile and absolutely necessary to architecture – particularly in the unforgiving Australian climate. There are a plethora of amazing products on the market, and new ranges are being developed all the time. It was almost impossible to narrow them down, but we’ve selected three of our favourites to feature here:

  1. Aluminium Extruded Louvres

Aluminium extruded louvres are built into walls or fixed to the outside of a building, and come in a variety of sizes. They are designed for vertical and horizontal applications, adding a contemporary edge to any architecture. They have multi-configurable profiles, which means they are available in varying widths and profile shapes. They cater for a variety of ventilation, shading and aesthetic requirements, and come in various frame sizes and bracket options to facilitate installation.

  1. Customised Facades

This product will give your building that one-of-a-kind “wow” factor. Customised facades are fully customisable, adding a contemporary and distinctive touch to any building. It’s possible to achieve a totally unique look that stands out, as they have the flexibility to create original designs. The choice is yours: do you go for a sleek, contemporary look or throw all caution to the wind and embrace a more flamboyant design? The possibilities are endless, with regular or irregular patterns and 3D-look finishes available. If designed in to a building plan at an early stage customising need not cost anymore to have the design come within your budget.

  1. Sun Screening 

Slash those power bills and embrace sustainability. Sun screening is a standard form of shading that provides protection against the sun. As an alternative to glazed glass or blinds, it offers effective year-round climate control, with the resultant energy savings. Achieving the optimum benefits of natural sunlight while creating an energy efficient environment is a major design challenge, and sun screening rises to meet it. They are lightweight, visually appealing, low maintenance and versatile – perfect for harsh Aussie conditions.


Nov 2, 2016 By Acculine