Project Spotlight: Anglican Care Toronto

We love working with our clients and leapt at the opportunity to service a new brief asking for a complete turnkey solution of exterior and interior finishes. When Hansen Yuncken and Jackson Teece asked to partner with us on the Anglican Care Toronto project we went above and beyond to deliver – inside and out. 

Exciting Exteriors with Style and Function 

In response to the brief we received from Hansen Yunken, we supplied and installed a comprehensive range of custom exterior solutions to the Anglican Care Toronto facility, including eye-catching louvres, vertical Grange sunscreens and horizontal Taunton batten screens. 

TheElectro Subtle Blue” and “Copper Pearl” Grange fins were fitted to the window openings, providing subtle yet elegant pops of colour to the exterior façade. Individually located with precision, the various angles of the fins were positioned to counter the sun’s radiance, protecting the occupants from excessive heat and glare.

The plant on the rooftop and fire stairs was a necessary part of the building but an unfortunate eyesore, and we were able to restore the aesthetics of the facility by screening it with the Diamond series, shielding it from view. The screening is robust enough to handle the high wind loads that are typical of its coastal location, and span greater distances than equivalent products.

Enticing Interiors for Long Term Appeal

Working closely with interior designers Jackson Teece, we were able to put together a stylish yet robust combination of hand railing and internal door and door frame protection. The products needed to be durable enough to withstand the rigours of daily use while remaining aesthetically appealing for the residents.

Our interior team supplied and installed custom-made door frame protectors, rigid vinyl rebated door panels, Victorian Ash handrails and polycarbonate corner guards, creating a restful, safe and welcoming space for residents and staff. These finishes will ensure safety and ease of navigation for staff, residents and guests, while protecting the new facility for many years to come.

The custom-made door frame protectors, rigid vinyl rebated door panels and polycarbonate corner guards were part of a complete package that ensured a harmonious colour palette and seamless finish within the interior, while reducing the ongoing costs of maintenance and repairs over the long term.

It was very gratifying to be involved in both the interior and exterior of the Anglican Care project. Knowing that the facility will be protected for years to come because of our products is the reason we take such pride in our work - the results speak for themselves. 12-16_acculine_cta

Dec 16, 2016 By Acculine