The Top Ten Interior Design Blogs To Inspire Your Next Project

  1. Industry Leaders: Healthcare Design
The blog Healthcare Design which supports the magazine by the same name is a goldmine for informative articles relating to healthcare design. They highlight projects but also write excellent articles on issues or the complicated nature of designing for health care. This blog is great if you’re looking for some advice.

  1. Daily Inspiration: Archdaily
With over 100 projects in the healthcare section alone this is one to bookmark. Each post has extensive explanation of projects and numerous photos of projects inside and out. Be warned: once you start reading you may be there for weeks devouring all the beautiful and informative content.

  1. Beautiful Blogging: Interior Design
Interior Design is a beautiful site dedicated to interiors. Beautiful photos coupled with detailed descriptions of projects makes for interesting reading and viewing. This blog supports the Interior Design Magazine.

  1. Designs from Around the World: Retail Design Blog
Retail Design Blog has a great selection of projects from around the world and a dedicated “office and healthcare” section. This one is a blog that you could just keep on reading and looking at the interesting projects. Minimal words but great photos make for easy browsing. Retail Design Blog also has a great pinterest page if that’s more your style.

  1. Healthcare Interior Inspiration: Contract
The section on the Contract Design website dedicated to health care is a goldmine for project inspiration. We love their articles that focus on specific design elements like “Exploring the Link Between Light and Patient Recovery” and “Designers Responsibility to Patient Health”.

  1. Magazine Archive: Architecture Australia
This is a great resource! An opportunity to mine the archive of Architecture Australia Magazine all the way back to 2006. Clear your weekend for a browse.

  1. Pretty Pictures and Endless Inspiration: The Design Files
Australian based interior design blog The Design Files is a must read. It’s focus on homes and the personalities that live there bring real world inspiration for interior designers. We love the array of different homes and gardens that we’re able to explore through this blog. Check it out if you’re looking for homely, grounding, intensely personal expression through design. Oh and gorgeous photography.

  1. Wordly Inspiration: Design Addicts
Gorgeous home interiors from around the world to drool over. We’re loving the picture heavy posts.

  1. Impressive Gallery: Woods Bagot’s interior
This gallery from Woods Bagot is extensive, and impressive. Check it out, there are projects from all over the world.

  1. Just for Fun: Oh Joy! And Oh Happy Day and
Oh Joy and Oh Happy Day are design blogs that will make you appreciate all things bright and colourful. While not interior design focused and not in the healthcare sector this little corner of the internet it brimming with so much colour, inspiration and positivity it’s hard not to be inspired to create something fun and innovative after visiting. Plus we think it’s always good to get inspiration from everywhere!
Apr 6, 2016 By Acculine