Designer Spotlight: Five Amazing Architectural Firms

Posted on Jul 25, 2016

Our designer spotlight features a selection of creative firms that have distinguished themselves in the field of architecture and design. Here are five of our favourite teams: all of them have portfolios to be proud of, and their award-winning approach to design continues to turn heads and get people talking.

CO Architects

CO Architects is a US-based firm renowned for their extensive portfolio of large projects in the civic, academic, medical education, science, technology, and healthcare sectors. Highly sought after as architects and interior designers, they are best known for their functional, green and graceful solutions. Founded in 1986, its guiding principle is that technical systems, planning, documentation, and project management are critical to design.

Notable projects: Harvard Medical School; Los Angeles Natural...

Three Unique Exterior Facades that Will Inspire and Impress

Posted on Jul 25, 2016

Advances in technology continue to give architects an enviable array of choices when it comes to materials and building design. With this flexibility comes the sort of creative freedom that gives rise to striking new structures that inspire and impress. Here are three unique exterior facades that cleverly combine new technology with forward thinking design: Luxton Apartments

18-30 Chaham Street, Prahran VIC Architect: SJB Architects Product: Ezi-Glide bi-fold system

Designed by SJB Architects, the first thing that strikes you about the unique exterior of the Luxton Apartments is the dynamic pops of vibrant colour. This comes courtesy of the innovative bi-folds, which differ substantially from standard systems. The Luxton features the ezi-glide offset bracket system, which enables it to completely cover the façade when closed - no other...

10 Must-Read Architecture Blogs

Posted on Jul 10, 2016

The blogosphere loves architecture and is teeming with sites dedicated to stunning facades, innovative interiors and everything in between. Here are 10 of our top picks; our favourite go-to blogs when we need a dose of inspiration, motivation or spine-tingling contemporary design.

The Design Files -

This home-grown delight is Australia’s most popular design blog. Famous around the world, The Design Files features the best of interior design, contemporary art and modern architecture. Popular with readers are the sneak peeks it offers into amazing international and local homes.

Architizer -

Featuring industry news and new projects from all around the world, Architizer is a must-read for anyone who wants to stay abreast of...

Product Comparison: Soft Vinyl Versus Hard Vinyl Wall Sheet

Posted on Jun 28, 2016

Hard vinyl or soft vinyl wall sheet? It’s one of those big decisions you need to make when fitting out healthcare interiors, and there are a number of differences which need to be taken into account. We compare the performance of both types in four key areas: cost, aesthetics, maintenance and environmental factors.


By way of comparison, rigid vinyl stands out at first glance. It’s cost-effective, but slightly more expensive than soft vinyl options in terms of the overall upfront investment. What gives hard vinyl options the edge, however, is the extended life cycle of the product. The superior durability of hard vinyl makes it a low maintenance option, and cost savings are accrued over the long term because less labour is needed to keep corridors and walkways looking great all year round.


Photo Gallery: Top Three Products for Healthcare Settings

Posted on Jun 23, 2016

Healthcare facilities are some of the busiest community buildings, with significant levels of foot traffic from staff, guests and visitors. In addition to the high volume of traffic, these buildings are also at risk for internal damage to walls and corners from equipment and mobility devices as they move through corridors and doorways. Our range of products has been specifically designed to protect busy healthcare buildings and their occupants. Check out our gallery to see how they appear in action:

Rigid Vinyl Wall Sheet

With a dual function that incorporates wall protection and decoration, rigid vinyl wall sheeting is the perfect choice of material for busy hospital and healthcare settings. Available in a variety of thicknesses and finishes, it protects buildings from damage caused by wheelchairs, trolleys and other mobile equipment. Easy to clean...

Product Highlight: Top Three Health Care Interior Products

Posted on Jun 23, 2016

Health care facilities are some of the busiest and most demanding environments for passing foot traffic and equipment on the move. The downside is that interiors can come in for a bit of a battering, which is why they – and their visitors - need extra protection. Here are our top three picks for busy health care settings:

Product #1: Inpro 940 Smooth Handrail

Combining the durability of rigid sheet material with a smooth, sleek texure, the Inpro 940 Smooth Handrail is commonly used in the corridors of hospitals and aged care facilities. Scratch and dent resistant, this handrail is perfectly suited to the rigours of high traffic environments and, being easy to clean, is the ideal choice when hygiene is of paramount importance.

From a user perspective, the Inpro 940 handrail offers greater circumference and distance between...

Five Unexpected Health Care Colour Palettes That Work Well

Posted on May 27, 2016

Putting together appealing colour palettes is difficult, and getting it wrong can make spaces feel unpleasant, overwhelming or uncomfortable to be in. In health care it is particularly important to get it right, so to help you out we’ve chosen five unique colour palettes that work surprisingly well.

Warm and Inviting

Warm and inviting colour palettes create a cosy feel that soothes and uplifts. The door panels in this room (Cinnabar) create warmth and solidity with their ruddy brown hues and the Beeswax kickers create the perfect contrast as an orange-hued accent. The Nutmeg Vinyl floors are reminiscent of stone granite, with warm flecks of subtle colour throughout. The curtains (Blissful Jasmine) and matching handrails and corner guards (Feather) add pops of warm beige to the palette, with walls in Crewelwork Half pulling the...