Posted on Apr 6, 2016

An awareness of the interior design’s impact on patient health, and experience of the health system is growing. Blues and greens are popping up as favourites, and the best part is these colours are so versatile.

Calm and nurturing

We love the trend towards cool blues and nurturing greens paired with bright white spaces. And the best part of this trend? It can be incorporated in many fun ways, including:

Feature walls Furniture Curtains and furnishings Lighting

A great example of using blues is Embryocare in Athens, Greece designed by Mab Architects. They use blue tinged lighting, cool blue fabric couches and pick up the trend on their built in reception desk. It feels nurturing, calm and professional, but absolutely contemporary.

Bright and fresh

Traditional greens and dark blues are being...

Bringing the power of interior design to health care

Posted on Mar 29, 2016

Creating professional spaces using clever design for the healthcare industry has never been more diverse and exciting. As clients become more savvy to how design improves their workplaces and their client experience they are more likely to approach the design of their spaces with creativity and vision. Here are some great examples.

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