Royal North Shore Public Hospital, NSW

Project: Royal North Shore Public Hospital
Builder: Thiess
Architects: BVN Architects
Contractor: Homebrook Pty Ltd
Products: Door panels, 130 aluminium corner guards, 160 aluminium corner guards, stainless steel corner guards, handrails

The Royal North Shore Public Hospital was undergoing refurbishments and maintenance when BVN Architects expressed the need for our door protection panels, corner guards and handrails for the temporary walkway. Similar to previous projects, we were able to offer supply to site in half the lead times of other companies, while remaining less costly. 

Homebrook Pty Ltd is a specialist contractor for the installation of building protection products in a highly competitive industry, with no room for mistakes, delays or call backs. The managing director, David Bishop, was negotiating for a fair price, with the flexibility to deliver them in specific stages, minimising his labour costs to sort, store, and install stock onsite.

Acculine was able to supply exactly what was needed to make the project profitable and efficient. We made every effort to ensure that the relationship between our two companies and Thiess was optimal, because a quality project can only happen with effective communication and delivered promises.

Acculine partnered with BVN Architects to incorporate its door panels, aluminium and stainless steel corner guards and handrails for the Royal North Shore Public Hospital.


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