Wannon Water Offices Warrnambool VIC

Project: Wannon Water Offices
Builder: Kirway Constructions
Architect: Baade Harbour Aust Pty Ltd
Products: Opal 300 series and Hampton 75 plant screens

Wannon Water had outgrown their offices and needed to source new premises with car parking. In Warrnambool the weather can be all extremes, so they wanted a structure that was designed for efficiencies in dealing with these. For the architect, this meant eco-friendly and green design concepts; reducing solar gains and glare with passive shading devices.

Wannon Water engaged Baade Harbour to design their building to cope with the weather, while providing architectural flair and aesthetic appeal. Acculine’s Opal 300 louvres offered rich splashes of orange and welcome relief from the unrelenting glare and heat of summer. In winter, natural light and warmth byasses the louvres and is captured, ensuring comfort for the occupants.

This has resulted in the decreased need for air conditioning in summer and reduced heating costs in winter. The reduced energy demand reduces greenhouse gases, moderating the internal temperatures and expenses to power any heating and cooling equipment. Money is saved for the client with every degree in temperature retained.

The Acculine Opal 300 series has blade span capacities of up to 3.6m by 300mm, with excellent scope to cantilever. The elliptical shaped blade has the option of being fixed or operable, with great sun-shading characteristics. It can be used to make a dramatic architectural statement, or to blend in. The Hampton 75 louvre was used for the screening of plant equipment on the rooftop, allowing excellent air flow while shielding equipment from the weather and direct view.

Acculine partnered with Baade Harbour Aust to incorporate its Opal 300 series and Hampton 75 plant screens for the Wannon Water offices project.


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